Fly tippers condemned for dumping trash in Hua Hin

Trash dumped on Soi 102.

Shameless fly tippers have been condemned for dumping trash at various locations throughout Hua Hin.

A number of residents have bemoaned the constant presence of dumped rubbish, with one describing the situation as “terrible”.

In a thread on the popular Hua Hin forum Facebook group, local expats called out those responsible for dumping the trash and urged local officials to do more to tackle the problem.

Others said that the municipality should put more rubbish bins around town to give people somewhere to dispose of their rubbish.

One poster suggested that some of the blue coloured public bins had been removed, but people were still leaving rubbish where the bins once were.

“It’s a disgrace when tourist (sic) come in for the first time and they see all this garbage is all over! shame on anyone that drops crap like this off by any roads, wrote another poster.

“The biggest problem is lack of will from the local municipalities .. they should all have manned rubbish waste sites like in UK”, wrote another.

It should be stressed that most of Hua Hin’s streets are perfectly clean and free of rubbish.

But in certain locations, particularly in the back sois away from the town centre, large amounts of trash can seen dumped on the roadside.

After being contacted by concerned locals, Hua Hin Today recently inspected several areas close to locations where many expats reside to see how the fly tipping is blighting the area.

Among the trash dumped on Soi 102 included waste from construction sites, household waste and lots of plastic and polystyrene. In fact, large areas at the far end of Soi 102 have become a dumping ground for trash.

The thoroughfare connecting Soi 102 with Soi 94 also has areas where people dump trash.

Among the trash dumped there included old mattresses, broken furniture and garden waste.

According to Thai law, people who dump trash are liable to pay a maximum fine of 2,000 baht, while those who dump trash in canals or khlongs are liable to pay a maximum fine of 10,000 baht.

We have contacted the municipality for comment.

Trash dumped on Soi 102.
Soi 102
Soi 102.
Between Soi 102 and Soi 94
Between Soi 102 and Soi 94