Geminid meteor shower to light up Hua Hin sky with shooting stars display tonight

File photo

Stargazers are advised to stay awake after midnight to fully enjoy a beautiful display from the Geminid meteor shower on Monday night.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) reported on its Facebook page that the meteor shower will be visible from midnight of December 13 to the dawn of December 14. However, the phenomenon is expected to be disturbed by moonlight until about 1:30 AM. Stargazers can fully enjoy the shower after 2 AM until dawn.

The Geminid meteor shower normally occurs annually between December 4 and 17, when the Earth passes a massive trail of dusty debris left by a huge rock known as 3200 Phaethon. People nationwide should be able to see as many as 150 meteors, or shooting stars, streaking through the sky every hour with the naked eye.

People who want to see the meteor shower are advised to find a location with as little ambient as possible in order to get a full view of the shooting stars appearing across the night sky.