Giant straw puppets greet tourists at Phetchaburi’s Khao Lam festival


Giant straw puppets will be among the attractions at a week long festival in Phetchaburi.

On Tuesday (Dec 28), Phetchaburi Governor Mr. Nattawut Petchpromsorn announced the opening of the Khao Lam burning festival which is being held in Na Phan Sam in Mueang District until January 2, 2022.

The festival celebrates Phetchaburi’s newly harvested sticky rice, which is mixed with fresh coconut milk and grilled inside bamboo tubes to create the delicious snack, Khao Lam.

As well as getting to sample plenty of Khao Lam, festival-goers are also invited to explore the nearby blooming sunflower fields.

There are also giant puppets of dinosaurs, king kong, bats, serpents, and many others amazing creatures which have all been made from straw.

Tourists are also invited to fasten a padlock to the Phop Rak Bridge for good luck.

Governor Nattawut said Phetchaburi has been making Khao Lam for centuries and this follows a rich tradition, particularly among the residents of Na Phan Sam, where the event is being held.

The governor said the event is also being held to offer gratitude to the province’s three thousand farmers.