Girl Students Possessed During Religious Rituals


Mr. Surin Bunsap, Director of Hua Hin Witthayakhom School together with the faculty, parents and students gathered to make merit and performed Buddhist rituals by the monks from Khao Yai Temple for their school’s prosperity.

Whilst the monks were praying and performing the rituals, a group of girl students who were sitting at the front row suddenly started to scream and went into seizures and convulsion, as if they were being possessed by some bad spirits. Everyone at the scene panic and were shocked causing teachers and the parents of the students to rush in and help lay them on the floor to do a first aid massage and to calm them down.

The incident lasted for about 30 minutes, and then everything went back to normal. One of the parents of the girls said that their daughter had been having this kind of seizures about 3-4 times lately. They had taken their daughter to see a doctor, but found out that nothing was wrong with her.

The parents have also taken their daughter to several temples in order to make merit (according to beliefs) but haven’t found any cure yet. The parents were desperate and don’t know what exactly to do next.

By Hua Hin Today