Good news for motorists and cyclists: Upgrade to scenic route in Cha-am is now complete


The Department of Rural Roads has recently announced the completion of the upgrade to Route 1045, a major road in Cha-am.

The project, aimed at enhancing travel efficiency, promoting the tourism economy, and mitigating traffic congestion during the rainy season, has been successfully implemented by the Fourth Office of Rural Highways (Phetchaburi).

With the completion of this extensive upgrade, travelers can now conveniently and safely access popular attractions such as Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park, Khoi Chong Viewpoint, and Bang Ket Beach.

The project involved enhancing the surface of the rural highway at the intersection of Thalang 4 – Ban Bang Ketu, Cha-am District.

You can actually follow the road from Cha-am all the way to Tha Yang, Phetchburi city, Ban Laem and on to Amphawa District in Samut Songkhram.

Apart from improving travel efficiency, the upgrade addresses the issue of traffic congestion caused by flooding during the rainy season.

To achieve these goals, flexible asphalt concrete pavement was used for the road construction, resulting in a road width of 8-10 meters and shoulder width ranging from 1 to 3 meters. In addition, the project included the construction of drainage channels and sidewalks, as well as the installation of additional safety equipment. These measures ensure the road’s durability and safety, providing a smooth and secure travel experience for all users.

The upgraded Route 1045 spans a total length of 3.385 kilometers and required an investment of approximately 16.47 billion Baht.

The completion of this significant infrastructure project is expected to enhance connectivity between provinces, facilitate transportation for residents and visitors alike, and pave the way for further development in the region.