Marijuana is being grown in Buri Ram Province for medicinal purposes. Public Health Minister Anutin Chranvirakul handed cannabis seedings to Non Malai village, in Khu Muang district, in a ceremony on February 11.

The event was a cooperation between the Non Malai community enterprise and Ban Non Malai Health Promoting Hospital.

Village growers received the Thai marijuana strain called “Hang Krarok” (Squirrel Tail) from Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital of Prachinburi Province.

Six cannabis plants were given to each member of the Non Malai community enterprise.

The Institute of Medical Marijuana of Buri Ram said that the Ministry of Agriculture will propagate the cannabis by taking cuttings and give them to the community to grow.

When the cannabis plants are ready for harvest, cannabis flowers will be delivered to Khu Maung Hospital to produce a specific medication for distribution to patients in community.

But the very odd fact is that while cannabis flowers and seeds remain classified as narcotics while other parts such as leaves, branches and roots are not so classified.

The medical marijuana institute will work with the Department of Non-formal Education
to use the non-narcotic parts of the marijuana plant for commercial health
purposes to make money for the rural community.