Happiness day for Nong Platoo


Hua Hin Today’ returned to Hua Hin hospital last month with items kindly donated by people for Nong Platoo. At first, it appears to me he is not showing much improvement but he is not giving up, especially as his mother still has the determination to take him to do physical therapy almost every week, hope persists as Platoo stretches & exercises at the hospital and he tries hard to do some at home as well.

They were very happy with all the donations they received from us, which included rice, dried food, pampers, and necessities for him and his family’s daily life. For helping Nong Platoo this time Hua Hin Today wants to thank all of the people who support him with their kindness, although not much in monetary value the thought and consideration is precious for Platoo’s family and they will be able to use the goods for at least a month.

Extra thanks go to 3 special sponsors who helped Nong Platoo

1. Ms Buathong and her husband Mr Philip for providing essential goods. (Picture of Ms Buathong)
2. Mr Hans Peter, a man who is full of compassion and he is also a fan who always follows the news from HHT Facebook. Hans came with some essential goods and even gave him a wooden domino game to enjoy when he is alone. (Picture of Platoo with the toy)
3.Our Landlord Khun Suwanna Chuenwichit together with her family donated 3,000 THB and asked us at Hua Hin Today to buy some of the necessities Platoo needed, we spent about 2,000 THB on goods and gave 1,000 THB cash to Platoo to keep for the trip expenses for his physical therapy at the hospital.