Here’s why it has been so hot in Hua Hin recently


You’d never know it was the rainy season in Thailand.

Recent weeks has seen no respite in the hot weather and scorching temperatures.

In fact, it feels warmer now than it was in April, which is the peak of the hot season.

Back in April, Thailand’s weather forecasters said the rainy season would arrive early this year, prompting irrigation officials to warn of possible flooding.

So what’s the deal with the heat?

According to Dr. Sutat Weesakul, director of Thailand’s Hydro Informatics Institute (HII), the ongoing hot weather is because the country has seen less than expected rainfall, despite entering the rainy season in May.

Dr. Sutat told ThaiPBS that high-rise buildings, concrete and asphalt roads trap the heat from the sun and with no rain fall to cool everything down, it feels even warmer!

In Hua Hin, the average temperature in June is typically around 33C, with approximately 10 days of rainfall.

However, Dr. Sutat added that temperatures in Thailand have averaged 39-41C in recent weeks, with not nearly the typical amount of rainfall for this time of year.

Worse still, it looks like the hot weather will continue for some weeks to come.

While some rain is forecast for Hua Hin from around June 12, there will not be any significant rainfall until July, the Meteorological Department has said.