Here’s why you might have heard ‘loud bangs’ over Hua Hin this week

Hua Hin file photo

Did you hear them?

People across Hua Hin reported hearing loud bangs overhead at various times during the past week.

The bangs or loud explosions could be heard throughout the town.

According to posts in several local Facebook groups, people reported hearing the explosions around Soi 88, Soi 102 and in the Smorprong area of Hua Hin.

The explosions could also be heard from the Hua Hin Today office located in Thap Thai.

But now officials have provided an explanation to the cause of the explosions.

According to the Thap Tai Subdistrict Administrative Organization, military personnel from the Thanarat Camp, Pranburi have been destroying ammunition that has either deteriorated or is no longer fit for use.

The loud bangs are the result of a series of controlled explosions used to destroy the outdated ammunition.

And you might hear some more loud explosions over the coming days.

Officials at Thanarat Camp said that the controlled explosions actually started on Sept 1 and are scheduled to continue until Sept 15.