Hua Hin Mayor on major infrastructure improvements and new tourist attractions planned for 2022

Nopporn Wuttikul
Hua Hin Mayor Nopporn Wuttikul

In an exclusive interview, Hua Hin Today had the privilege of speaking to Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Nopporn Wuttikul who talked about some of the infrastructure improvements which will be carried out in Hua Hin in 2022.

The new projects include some important improvements to a particular traffic blackspot in Hua Hin and a major upgrade to street lighting throughout the district.

The Mayor also outlines his plans for the development of a major new tourist attraction, as well as the part pedestrianisation of a key route that will enable people to easily walk to the centre of Hua Hin from the railway station.

Hua Hin Today: Tell people in Hua Hin about some of the key projects the Municipality has planned for 2022.

Mayor: The Municipality has prioritised a number of projects which will be of benefit for people in Hua Hin. The most urgent project currently being undertaken is the installation of extra lighting to enhance the Naeb Khehat route, which runs from the Clock Tower down towards the Palace.

This project includes, Soi 41, 43, and 45 which links from Petchkasem Road to Naeb Kehat, as well as Chomsin Road from the Pramong area to Naresdamri Road. This project will be implemented by December 2021 and be completed no later than January 2022.

Another project which will benefit the daily lives of people in Hua Hin will be carried out at the Chomsin Railway Intersection.

The Municipality is working with the Department of Highways and Irrigation Department to extend the road.

There will be 6 lanes of traffic in total, a new sidewalk and improved entrance and exit onto the intersection.

Electricity posts will also be removed as part of the work. The project will be divided into three stages but work should begin no later than February.

Also on Chomsin Road, the road will be expanded to include 4 small lanes. There will also be traffic lights which should to ease congestion and improve the flow of traffic.

Chomsin Railway Intersection

The mayor also told Hua Hin Today about the “Hua Hin The Bright City” project, which will improve street lighting throughout Hua Hin.

Mayor: You may have noticed the municipality has already started installing LED lights across many communities in Hua Hin. These include Khao Itisukto Temple, Ban Bo Fai, the Night Market, Chomsin Road, Khao Tao Village, Khao Takiab Village, Hua Don, and Nong Kae. We have already added more than 1,000 new LED lights and will add a further 500 throughout the year. The new lights will improve visibility, which in turn will help to reduce accidents and improve safety.

Mr. Nopporn also told Hua Hin Today about the new state of the art CCTV network that has been installed in Hua Hin.

Mayor: The municipality has installed a total of 463 CCTV cameras are numerous points throughout the city.  The municipality will continue to work to maintain and upgrade the network over the coming year.

Mr. Nopporn then spoke at length about a number of projects aimed at boosting tourism in Hua Hin. 

The most notable of these is the so-called Sky Walk which had been earmarked for construction at the Khao Hin Lek Fai viewpoint.

A mock up of the proposed Sky Walk at Hin Lek Fair viewpoint

Mayor: Because the cost of the constructing the Sky Walk would be quite large, further research into the project is still needed.

I believe that Hua Hin already has a wonderful beach, with clean water, and pleasant weather, but we need more attractions and landmarks that will help to attract not only new visitors but also gives those who have already visited a reason to return.

Therefore, I would like to design a new landmark for Hua Hin.

People used to flock to Hua Hin because they wanted to go to the beach. Later, tourists came to Hua Hin because it has night markets, Rajabhakti Park, Cicada, Tamarind, water parks, and other attractions. But in the future, the Sky Walk could be the attraction that people visit Hua Hin to see.

The location of the proposed ‘Wow Road’

Mayor: Another project that is presently being worked on is the Wow Road, which will pilot a total of 10 routes but will begin with Damnoen Kasem Road (the road that runs down to the centre of Hua Hin from the railway station).

The Wow Road project will begin with electricity cables along Damnoen Kasem Road being buried underground.

Currently, when tourists arrive at the railway station, they call a minivan or taxi to take them to their accommodation.

But once the Wow Road is constructed they will be able to walk from the railway station to Hua Hin. The municipality will eliminate the street isle in the centre of the road, widening the road and building a pedestrian walkway.

The Wow Road will also include a space for merchants and street vendors so tourists will be encouraged to spend money, which in turn will enable local vendors to earn more money.

Pone Kingpetch Public Park, the park that is located Damnoen Kasem Road, will also be modified in accordance with the construction of the Wow Road.

The Municipality has given the director of the technician’s office the notion of making the present park more appealing and more stunning, as well as being able to meet the demands of the people who use it.

For example, there should be an area for organizing events, an area for exercising, and a one for relaxing. As part of the upgrade, the stage, restroom, sound system and lighting system must all be entirely rebuilt – all of which will be included in the Wow Road project.

Hua Hin Today thanks Mayor Nopporn for taking the time to speak to us.