Horse operators face complaints


Hua Hin City officials met horse-riding operators following beach complaints about some horses and riders. Hua Hin Permanent Secretary Jirawat Pramanee met Mr Sinthchai Amphawa, vice-president of the horse-riding operator group, and 61 horse operators late last month.

They discussed complaints that horses hired out for riding on Hua Hin beach do not have proper “parking areas” to wait for riding patrons. Sometimes these horses stand in front of luxury beachfront hotels and drop dung scattered on the sand, creating aromatic eye-sore for visitors.

Horse owners are also said to be at times impolite, intoxicated and not well-dressed. City officials said that these kinds of behaviour are unsuitable for services to local tourism. Horse owners were told to shape up and behave better if they want to continue their service and be a part of the domestic tourism sector.

The City said that there will be a total number of 10 rest stops for the horses with a designated supervisor present at each stop. Horse owners are required to dress properly and display their name tags on the horses.

Horse owners are also required to do beach-cleaning activities to maintain cleanliness of the areas that they and their horses use.