Hua Hin Airport: Officials seek public input on potential new flight routes

Hua Hin Airport. File Photo. Hua Hin Today

A new initiative to boost Prachuap Khiri Khan’s tourism prospects is underway.

Hua Hin Today has been tasked with sharing a questionnaire that aims to understand the travel preferences of both Thais and foreigners regarding potential new flight routes to and from Hua Hin Airport.

The move is part of the provincial administration’s broader strategy to revitalize tourism in Prachuap Khiri Khan and redevelop and upgrade Hua Hin Airport.

By gauging demand for specific flight routes, the airport aims to optimize travel times and enhance convenience for tourists visiting the province.

Participation in the questionnaire is completely anonymous, ensuring that respondents can provide their feedback without any reservations.

The insights gathered will contribute to the provincial administration’s working group dedicated to the progression of tourism in the region. The primary goal is to tailor transportation development, particularly in aviation, to meet the exact needs and preferences of tourists.

Residents and frequent travelers to Prachuap Khiri Khan are encouraged to voice their opinions and help shape the future of tourism in the area. As Hua Hin Airport looks to expand its connectivity and services, this questionnaire serves as a step in aligning its offerings with the needs of its diverse clientele.

To participate in the survey readers can access the link here:

Your input could play a vital role in the expansion of Hua Hin Airport and the continued growth of Prachuap Khiri Khan’s tourism sector.