Hua Hin Airport set for more international flights


An exciting plan has been announced by The Phoenix Group & the Department of Airports. Under the name ’The Phoenix Plan’ the project aims to upgrade Hua Hin Airport and make Hua Hin “open to the World”. By utilising private enterprise and government levers they intend to create a “best in class airport experience”.

Commercial partners will benefit from innovative opportunities to conduct a broad range of activities ranging from duty-free shopping, meetings, conferences & exhibitions, to tourism loyalty programs, hanger space and private jet logistics. (The Phoenix Group is a collaboration between Phoenix Aviation International Ltd Hong Kong & Phoenix Aviation Thailand Ltd).

For passengers, the plans promise significantly more international flights arriving at Hua Hin Airport. On April 7th, Khun Apisit Ubolkomut, Director of Hua Hin Airport, Khun Udorn Olsson, Chairman of Phoenix Aviation Thailand Ltd, & John Laroche, CEO of Phoenix Aviation International Ltd of Hong Kong presented the ‘The Phoenix Plan’ at an event held at the airport. The plan described by Dr Pullop Singhaseni, Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan, as “the single most important initiative for Hua Hin Airport since its inception 30 years ago”, he went on to say “ The Phoenix Plan will not only have an impact on Hua Hin but will positively affect Prachuap Khiri Khan, Cha-am & Phetchaburi too”, bringing more tourists that stay longer and spend more”.

Khun Udorn went on to say he believed “the timing of this announcement could not be better, as the World awakens from the Covid pandemic and Thailand re-opens for tourism and business”. John Laroche explained further that The Phoenix Group were targeting small regional airports that had been largely overlooked and cited a Japanese model as the foundation base for their plans.

The critical issue according to Khun Udorn is “the need to create critical mass prior to introducing a host of new routes and services. The link between the airport & the town is the breakthrough concept that the Phoenix Plan will deliver, a genuine partnership that will offer passenger services, unique sponsorship partner opportunities, and genuine tourist services in the town and the airport”.

Companies interested in partnering will be invited to join a special digital network serving visitors, residents, service providers, hotels, restaurants, retail and attractions. Anyone visiting these partners will be encouraged to download the App to fully benefit.

The projected market is direct flights to and from locations within a 7 hour range, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Australia & the Middle East. The project has a target of 100,000 passengers in 2022 rising to 1,000,000 bay 2025. Special emphasis is planned for medical tourism and health & wellness. Current partners include Chubb Insurance & NYC English.