Hua Hin Encouraged to Keep up the “Everyday Say No to Plastic Bags” Campaign


43 retailers and convenience stores in Hua Hin have refrained from using plastic bags under the campaign “Everyday Say No to Plastic Bags” since Jan, 1 2020.

Mr. Jeerawat Prammanee, permanent secretary of Hua Hin municipality, together with Ms. Jirat Pranprasit, Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Director discussed the continuity of the campaign to significantly reduce plastic bag usage in the city and how to motivate the residents regarding the campaign.

By so, the city will post the information about the campaign–stop handing out single-use plastic bags on social network services such as Facebook, Line, and Instagram with the hashtag “Everyday Say No to Plastic Bags.”  So far, more than 43 retailers and stores have stopped distributing plastic bags and encourage their customers to say no to plastic bags and bring their own bags. The campaign will run from 1 January 2020 onwards, aiming to completely ban single-use plastic bags throughout Thailand by 2021.

WRITER: Larry Cadiz