Hua Hin Heroes foundation launches with a mission to improve the lives of local children in need

All images: Patrick Jacobs

A new charitable foundation called Hua Hin Heroes was formally launched on Thursday, July 13, during a special event held at The Lodge restaurant in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Heroes is an independent charity organization founded by a dynamic team of young Hua Hin based entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Their mission is to bring together ideas, people, and resources to provide assistance to those in need, with a particular focus on achieving long-term, comprehensive, and sustainable development goals for the community.

The founders of Hua Hin Heroes are Adam Clark, Financial Services at Misthos Group and President of the foundation, who brings his expertise in financial services and business, while Henrik Fagersson, Vice-President of the foundation, is an Osteopath D.O and the owner/founder of Spine Clinic. Ploy Sakdapheysiri, the Co-Founder of the foundation, is the owner of Wine Bubble and Berry Club & Wholesale.

The founding team has also enlisted the support of several other dedicated individuals who share their vision.

These include Kantee Isareenuruk, an Attorney at Law and the Managing Director at Libothai Law Firm Co., Ltd; Amarita Thatdee, an Attorney at Law and an Associate at Libothai Law Firm Co., Ltd; Thippalida Warunchidakkharima, the Director & Accountant at Tuk Hua Hin Accounting and Law; and Patrik Wagner, the Managing Director at 360 Consulting Co., Ltd.

The team has worked diligently to establish a clear and transparent structure that donors and other stakeholders can trust and rely on.

The founders of Hua Hin Heroes: Henrik Fagersson (left), Adam Clark (centre), and Ploy Sakdapheysiri (right).

Additional support has been garnered from individuals like John Sinave at Studio 51 and Benjamas Uamsa-Ard from Stamford International University. Their contributions will also play a crucial role in the success of the foundation’s endeavors.

Following its launch, the Hua Hin Heroes wasted no time in announcing its first major initiative.

On February 3, 2024, Hua Hin Heroes will organize what is expected to be one of the biggest golf charity events of the year.

The tournament, which will take place at Banyan Golf Club in Hua Hin, aims to offer a unique and rewarding golf experience, bringing together golfers from around the world.

Participants can look forward to a fun-filled evening party, making it an event suitable for friends, family and non-golfers alike.

The primary goal of this charity golf tournament is to support the local Hua Hin community, with a specific focus on helping children.

But this will not be a one off event.

The foundation aims to kickstart sustainable development and implement comprehensive ideas by providing scholarships, food, medical and educational support, including English education, to local schools through a variety of annual events and initiatives over the next decade and longer.

The Hua Hin Heroes hope to empower children with the opportunities they need to thrive in today’s diverse and rapidly changing world.

One of the initial beneficiaries of the foundation’s efforts will be the Ban Wang Khoi School located in Thap Thai, a mere 15 minutes from central Hua Hin.

This school, which has 90 students and 5 teachers, is in urgent need of support.

Hua Hin Heroes aims to assist them through various means, including providing food, education in the form of funding an English language teacher, health services, swim training, and renovating school buildings.

Ploy Sakdapheysiri

Ploy Sakdapheysiri, one of the co-founders of the Hua Hin Heroes foundation, said she was moved to support the Ban Wang Khoi School after personally visiting the institution and hearing the poignant wishes of the students. Ploy and her fellow co-founders were deeply touched by the students’ simple desires for a better future.

Some of the students shared that they attended school not only for education but also to have regular meals, highlighting some of the circumstances they faced.

In a particularly heart-wrenching revelation, two students revealed that they could only attend school on alternate days due to the lack of resources, as they had to share a single uniform between them.

These touching encounters further fueled the foundation’s determination to make a lasting impact on the lives of these children.

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All images: Patrick Jacobs.