Hua Hin Mayor inspects water dispensers following electrocution incident in Trang


In response to a tragic incident in Trang Province where a student was electrocuted by a drinking water dispenser, Hua Hin Mayor Nopporn Wutthikul led an inspection of water dispensers at Ban Hua Hin Municipal Demonstration School.

The inspection, aimed at ensuring the safety of students, was conducted alongside officials from Hua Hin Municipality and the Provincial Electricity Authority

Accompanying the mayor were Mr. Sunthee Thiamthat, Deputy President of the Council; Mr. Danai Phong Sriwattanakul, Member of the Municipal Council; Mr. Jeerawat Phramanee, Municipal Clerk; Mr. Kamthon Khieongam, Director of the Civil Engineering Division; Mr. Sangket Jamjamras, Head of the Education Promotion Division; Mr. Boonthavee Boonhai, Director of the Demonstration School; and Mr. Phasakorn Phasukankun, Manager of the Provincial Electricity Authority, Hua Hin District. Operations staff from the Provincial Electricity Authority also participated in the inspection.

The inspection was made to prevent similar accidents in Hua Hin’s educational institutions. The Hua Hin Municipality has instructed directors of seven schools and two early childhood development centers to survey their drinking water dispensers. The inspection team coordinated with the Provincial Electricity Authority to evaluate the electrical safety of these dispensers.

During the inspection, five drinking water dispensers at Ban Hua Hin Municipal School were found to be in good condition and safe for use. However, detailed checks revealed that the grounding system, particularly the copper grounding rods, were insufficient in length. Recommendations were made to add plastic footrests in front of the dispensers to enhance safety. The school has committed to implementing these recommendations and, in the interim, has temporarily disconnected the power supply to the dispensers until the electrical upgrades are completed.

Looking ahead, Hua Hin Municipality plans to invite staff from the Provincial Electricity Authority to provide training for teachers and staff responsible for the drinking water dispensers at each educational institution under the municipality.