Hua Hin municipality applies for good management subsidies

Hua Hin municipality applies
Hua Hin municipality applies for good management subsidies

The Office of the Decentralisation to local government has alocated a subsidy as a reward for the well-managed local government organisations for the fiscal year of 2021, Hua Hin municipality is delighted to have participated in the assessment process.

This subsidy process has been proposed to create incentives for local government organisations to develop their management of their authority in accordance with the principles of good governance and be able to meet the needs of the people thoroughly. The selection criteria and allocation of subsidies is a transparent process to reward the most professional management, cost-effective use of resources to facilitate effective efficient people, public participation and the satisfaction of the people.

The good management awards have been divided into 3 categories, excellent, outstanding and general. Hua Hin municipality has applied for the good management Award assessment for 2021 by presenting the results for the fiscal year of 2020, (1st October 2019 – 30th September 2020), and the 2020 local Administrative Organisation Performance Assessment results, (37A). The first evaluation was done through a video conference system through the aoom program, Hua Hin municipality had confirmation on the 5th April that it had passed the first round of the qualifying assessment.

The 2nd round of the evaluation process will again be conducted by Zoom and will be an evaluation of the innovation field. Hua Hin municipality is aware of the problems and impacts caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, and has selected the HDC model as a model of innovation for managing environmental health standards to submit to the competition, this is to enable sustainable protection for the residents of Hua Hin to live together happily in any situation.