Hua Hin Municipality Officials address road and drainage issues in Charoen Pattana 1 Soi


In response to complaints from residents about severe road damage and flooding, officials from Hua Hin Municipality visited Charoen Pattana 1 Soi, located off Soi 94, to assess and address the issues.

The delegation, led by Mayor Nopporn Wuttikul, included Deputy Mayor Phailin Kongpan, Municipal Council Members Thongchai Phetsongkram, Sapphop Eungratsame, and Nonglak Phadungtoth, Municipal Clerk Jirawat Phrahmanee, Director of the Engineering Department Kalayuth Kuyukam, Director of the Sanitation Engineering Department Madee Raksa, Head of the Community Development Division Euangporn Khamma, and other relevant officials. They were joined by Thirawat Limkunnathammo, President of the Sapan Kee Lek Community, and members of the community committee.

Residents reported that the road in Charoen Pattana 1 Soi is significantly damaged and prone to flooding. The road’s low-lying position causes rainwater from surrounding areas to collect, making it impassable for vehicles. Compounding the issue, parts of the drainage system are clogged or disconnected from the main drainage network, resulting in prolonged flooding that takes days to recede. Additionally, overgrown tree branches obstruct visibility and affect street lighting.

Mayor Nopporn directed the Engineering and Sanitation Engineering Departments to inspect the site and develop a plan to redesign and improve the drainage system. Plans include constructing a new road to replace the damaged one, with funding to be secured through the Hua Hin Municipality development plan. In the interim, officials will conduct temporary repairs to the road surface, trim tree branches, enhance the landscape, and repair the lighting system.

The officials also investigated complaints about substandard concrete speed bumps, which have been causing accidents. The Mayor instructed the Engineering Department to remove these speed bumps to improve safety for travelers.

Following the visit to Charoen Pattana 1 Soi, the officials inspected the drainage system at Pannasap 1 Village. They discovered that the absence of drainage pipes behind Suk Saban 1 Village is causing widespread flooding, which has led to health issues due to foul odors and mosquito infestations.

Additionally, they noted flooding on the road surface in the HomePro 3 area. The Mayor tasked the Engineering and Sanitation Engineering Departments with jointly inspecting the drainage system and devising solutions for these problems to assist the affected residents.