Hua Hin Municipality reminds those eligible about collection of land and buildings tax


Hua Hin Municipality is reminding homeowners to check the documentation on any land or property they own in order to avoid paying incorrect rates of tax.

In 2019, Thailand updated its Land and Building Tax Act, the changes of which came into effect on 1st January 2020.

Under the Act, both individual and juristic persons who have ownership, possessory, or usage rights over land or buildings (including condominium units), as of January 1 of each year, will be required to pay land and building tax to the local administrative authorities. Payment will be due in April of each year.

Properties valued up to 50 million baht are exempt from the tax.

However, for those who are required to pay tax, Hua Hin Municipality is informing those individuals who have possessory, or usage rights to immovable assets (i.e. land and building, including condominium) to check the inventory of land and buildings forms, which were sent to all owners at their registration address.

If there are mistakes in the inventory, property owners can file a petition to the Municipality to within 15 days after receiving the letter to ensure they can pay the correct rates of tax.

Information regarding property inventories can be found on the information board at 1st floor of old Hua Hin municipality office building.

Those who own property can also browse to ascertain the inventory of land and buildings.