Hua Hin Police announce ‘no gift policy’

File photo

Hua Hin Police have announced a ‘no gift policy’ in a bid to boost transparency and prevent potential conflicts of interest.

The announcement, made in Thai and English and posted on the Hua Hin Police Station Facebook page, is dated February 9th 2022 and is signed by Police colonel Hongprom Wisithchanachai, Superintendent Hua Hin Police Station.

The ‘no gift policy’ is in line with Thailand’s National Reform Plan on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct which states government and public sector officials should not accept any form of gifts while performing their duties.

The announcement reads:
“…We would like to announce the intention of Superintendent Hua Hin Police Station and all police officers to not accept any kind of gifts while performing duties”.

“(No Gift Policy)…We will together establish organisational culture and integrity value at work, not accepting the patronage system, avoiding actions that may affect discretion or decision – making during performing duties that would lead to discrimination.

“Also, we cooperatively prevent the unfair performance of duties and a conflict of interest along with building public trust by performing our duties with good governance”.

Hua Hin Police Station. File photo

The announcement follows similar made by other state agencies, government departments and private sector organisations in Thailand.

According to the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), 13 out of 20 government ministries, 39 out of 56 state enterprises, and several other state organisations including the Bank of Thailand, the Courts, National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Office of Attorney General all operate a no-gift policy.

More recently, in Dec 2021, the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) announced a ‘no gift policy’ for all employees and outsourced staff.