Hua Hin police issue warning about counterfeit money – how to spot fake cash

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Hua Hin Police have warned people in Hua Hin, both Thais and foreigners, to be on the look out for counterfeit money.

The warning comes after police have investigated reports of fake 1,000 baht notes in circulation in the area.

Police have released a comparison between a legitimate note and counterfeits to help people more easily spot the fake cash.

Point #1: On a legitimate 1,000 baht bank note, the metal strip is a rich golden yellow colour, compared to the fake where the metal strip has a greenish tint. Also, the metal strip is much closer to the edge of the note on the counterfeit bill.

Point #2: On a legitimate note, the image of the flowers which circle the number ‘1000’ will glisten in the light and will consist of sharp, crisp line. However, on the fake notes, the image of the flower does not glisten and the lines are not as sharp or crisp.

Point #3: On a legitimate note, the number 0 of the 1000 on the left-hand side is next to the metal strip. However on the counterfeit note, the zero is much further away.

With Hua Hin expected to see an upturn in business due to the arrival of both domestic and international tourists visiting the resort from October 1, business owners are also urged to train their staff to examine bank notes they receive.

If they believe they have been given counterfeit money they should call the police.