Hua Hin Water – poor flow rate and quality issues

Hua Hin Water
Hua Hin Water - poor flow rate and quality issues

The water supply to the city is currently performing very badly, there have been numerous complaints that the water is turbid, (cloudy due to high content of particles, usually silt, clay, algae or pollution).

Further complaints that water supply is brown, smells bad, and flows slowly, have prompted action to try to resolve the matter. The Production Head of the Waterworks Division informs, that the raw water received from the dam is being discharged from close to ground level and is not of the quality they would hope for, there is a smell of manganese which could be due to an accumulation of plant residues and animal remains in storage areas, this problem is exacerbated in very warm weather. Furthermore when water is brought into the production system and exposed to chemicals the chemical reaction causes the water to change its colour.

The Khao Raeng Water Treatment Plant, which is normally the main water production plant, has to produce more than double the capacity to meet the needs of water users in the summertime. When the production demand exceeds the ideal capacity the water filter production system is unable to fully remove the odour and more particles than desired can infiltrate into the water.

Currently, there is a project to build an additional water plant, which will be able to significantly increase the production capacity and alleviate the pressure on the old water plant soon. The new plant is expected to be completed within 1 year, and hopefully will be able to solve all the problems of quality and adequate water pressure in the future.