Hua Hin Women’s Development Fund

Hua Hin Women’s Development Fund
Hua Hin Women’s Development Fund

The Women’s Development Fund is an organisation designed to support the well-being of women in the community, for those who want to have extra income to help the family earn more from their main occupation.

The group is for the women locally to develop and pursue additional careers to generate income and has a low interest rate loan fund. This works by requiring there must a group of 3 or more people that can borrow for occupational means in the amount not exceeding THB 200,000. There are also free grants that are funded for members of an organisation, these organisations can seek support for career development or to solve women’s problems in accordance with the objectives of the fund.

The sub-committee of the Women’s Role Development Fund will consider the appropriateness of each project. In order to be a member of the WRDF, women must be aged 15 years and over, and they can apply to be a member through the website of the Women Empowerment Fund or the District Community Development Office.

In the past, many members in Hua Hin have borrowed for their careers and continued business development, including Ms Suthida Jitchampi, who is now the Chairman of the Women’s Role Development Fund Member Occupation Group, Village No 9, Huai Sat Yai sub-district.

She disclosed to Hua Hin Today that she was originally a pineapple planter, but in recent years the price of pineapples has continued to decline so she gathered a group to request a loan from the Community Development Agency for a women’s role fund to do an additional occupation.

She used the borrowed funds to improve an area of 6 rai and plant a blend of non-toxic crops, including chillies, egg-plant papaya without using chemicals, the non-toxic pesticides she uses are also bio-based as well, and from the use of biofertilisers, the resulting produce can be sold at a good price. Such has been the success of the venture they can pay back the loan to the WRDF as scheduled and there is still profit left over to share among the members.

The Hua Hin Women’s Role Development Fund has encouraged many new members to get together to borrow money from the fund, and after the groups received the loan, the staff also gave advice on accounting and business plans as well. In addition, the officer has also been monitoring the members to use the money to be in accordance with the purpose for which the loan was requested.

Now the women of Village No 9, Ban Prong Samrong have had great success and have been able to alleviate their previous debt burden, and the Covid-19 situation has had no negative impact on them.