Hua Hin “WOW”

Hua Hin “WOW”
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The latest meeting of the Executive Committee with the Permanent secretary of Hua Hin municipality had two big issues on the table to be resolved. Garbage disposal and Covid-19 vaccines. The Mayor of Hua Hin sent a letter to the Secretary General of the Royal College of Chulabhorn to buy 50,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to inoculate the people of Hua Hin as soon as possible. In reporting on progress to the meeting it seems allocation approval is still awaited from the originating agency, as soon as approval is given and a delivery date confirmed then the public will hear about it.

The committee believes that as Hua Hin municipality is an international tourist destination and an economic area that generates more than thirty billion baht per year in income for the country, priority should be given. In order to stimulate the tourism economy in Hua Hin and to build confidence for tourists, businesses, local people and expats, the municipality decided to apply for the Sinopharm vaccine to circumvent the delay with the AstraZeneca supply. With regard to the waste disposal crisis brought about by the decision by Thanarat camp to no longer allow its site to be used.

It was revealed that a new site has been found and contracts agreed to use a new disposal pond at Angrungrot Co. Ltd. Sraphang sub-district, Khao Yoi district, Phetchaburi province, an area of approximately 2,000 rai. It is felt this may be a short-term contact as at 115 km from Hua Hin city it may be considered impractical as a permanent arrangement, surely a sit in Prachuap can be found at some point. Following up on the operation of “Hua Hin Wow”, the Mayor has been assigned to the permanent secretary to track and report operations in all departments, to accelerate policies and accomplish projects. “The Hua Hin Wow” project has improvement guidelines for many changes to Hua Hin City, such as preparing to change the municipal office to make it more convenient for people to come for the service.

“Wow” Education to find the budget for purchasing materials for repairing school buildings in the municipality. “Wow” Waterworks by expanding the service area to pay for water bills and to contact the Municipal Waterworks Division for their services, including an online water payment system. “WOW” Road, where relevant stakeholders inspect the area to properly organise the pavements, and renovation of the activity/exercise area for public at Queens Park 19 Rai. Mr Nopporn Wuttikul, Mayor of Hua Hin announced the 8 policies for the development of the city to the Municipal Council as follows.

1) Infrastructure policy
2) Economic policy
3) Environmental policy
4) Holistic health development policy
5) Education and cultural policy
6) Political and administrative policy
7) Policy on community development and social welfare
8) Smart city development policy

This is to develop Hua Hin as a city of happiness and as a model to the rest of the country.

The mayor submitted 4 verbal motions as follows:

Proposition No. 1 Regarding the Notification of the Local Development Plan Announcement (2018-2022) addition No. 1/2564, since the plan has been announced to the general public on 17 December 2020, therefore, it will be notified at the council meeting to acknowledge and to continue to comply with legal regulations.

Proposition No. 2: on the consideration and selection of members of the municipal council to join the municipal committee and the monitoring and evaluation committee of the municipal development plan. Proposition No. 3: Consideration of the selection of qualified persons as approved by the local council to join the Education Committee of Hua Hin Municipality.

Proposition No. 4: Approval of the payment of subsidies to the Office of Conservation Area 3, Phetchaburi Branch for the project to control the population of macaques in the area of Khao Takiab and Khao Hin Lek Fai in the amount of 1,162,460 baht, of which 16 votes in the meeting approved, after that, the selection was considered to various proposals. In this regard, the meeting has selected 3 members of the municipal council to be the monitoring committee for the evaluation of the Hua Hin Municipality Development Plan and also at the meeting had selected qualified persons as agreed by the local council to join the Education Committee of Hua Hin as well.

Other agenda: The Members of the Hua Hin City Council in all 3 districts discussed and suggested issues such as requesting to check the cleanliness of the mechanical center in Hua Hin Soi 102, requesting clarifications in the case of people renting in public areas in Hua Hin Municipality, etc.