Hua Hin Zoo – An account

Hua Hin Zoo - An account
Hua Hin Zoo - An account

For many people who travel to Hua Hin district, they probably think they know all that Hua Hin has to offer” the beaches are fine, white and clean, shopping at the markets and the malls, eating at the innumerable good restaurants, the comfortable relaxed atmosphere in the town complimented by the great welcome from the people of Hua Hin, but many people probably don’t know that Hua Hin also has a zoo.

Hua Hin Zoo, not to be confused with Hua Hin Safari Park, is located not too far away from the city but doesn’t have many advertising signs, there are more than 20 kinds of animals there for you and your kids to enjoy on a visit, such as crocodiles, lions, horses, birds, deer, wild fowls, and more… Now, let’s see what’s interesting at Hua Hin Zoo.

I was driving along towards the Nong Phlub – Wat Huey Mongkol route led by the GPS, because I had never been too, after driving along with Google Maps, then I saw a small entrance and a large old slightly overgrown sign, which if you aren’t paying attention you will surely miss because the sign is quite old and the text is all faded. The zoo has a very spacious parking lot, but there were only a few cars parked, it might be that during the coronavirus there were not so many people here.

I stopped to take photos at the entrance with the replica Stonehenge and then walked from the entrance about 500 metres to where you will find a ticket booth and a pet food market selling 100 Baht baskets for you and your kids to feed the animals. Make sure that you get at least 1 basket of vegetables and fruit for animal feeding because it will really enhance your visit, trust me!

The entrance fee is 250 Baht for adults and 150 baht for children, but if you do have a Thai driver’s license then you will receive a 50 baht discount immediately. Not far from the ticket booth the first animal you will likely see is a white Lion called Meena, who is rightly considered as one of the highlights of the zoo, walk a little further then meet with a Dwaef Horse, who when he saw us approaching hurried towards us expectantly, he knew he will get fed by us, it seems he likes to eat grass and carrots very much.

And then just about opposite the Dwaef Horse is a large cage containing a Fallow deer, some of which were released from their cages to walk around amongst us which was so cute that many of the tourists flocked to feed them, a 1avan Rusa deer that is bigger than the star deer can also be seen there.

The net cage was filled with many Parrots which were very colourful and quite noisy, and then a Goat cage with a large number of inhabitants, when they saw that we had grass in our hands a whole gang hurried across to graze from us. After the Goats, turn left and walk deeper to find the Carp fish pond, and net was a lonely looking Wildcat alone in his cage, so fierce that he still tries to pounce on us despite the cage. There are also cute little Ducks, Indian Peacocks, which are very beautiful, and some black chickens and a Pheasant as well.

The atmosphere of the zoo is very natural, surrounded by green rice fields, towering palm trees and with a mountainous background, it is really beautiful and perfect for relaxing. It is a very relaxed place to walk around and get very close to animals and feed them in a comfortable setting, the children really enjoyed the contact with the animals and feeding them, especially the birds that would land on their arms and eat food out of their hand. I would therefore highly recommend taking the family for a fun and relaxing morning/afternoon visit, based on previous reviews we thought we would be out of there in a short time but we ended up spending two enjoyable hours.

There is also the lively Crocodile show. Hua Hin Zoo is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tel: 089 233 1007, or 089 900 8095