Hua Hin’s pesky pachyderms get their collars felt


Officials are stepping up measures to keep track of two lovable rogue elephants who occasionally have a brush with locals in a community in Hua Hin.

The elephants known as “Plai Boonchuay” and “Plai Boonmee” have been known to disturb people and damage property and farmland in the Huai Sat Yai sub district in Hua Hin, close to the Kaeng Krachan National Park.

On Tuesday (Mar 1), Pichai Watcharawongpaiboon, director of the Third Conservation Area Administration Office in Phetchaburi said that staff at the national park had put collars on the elephants.

The collars, complete with GPS, can track the movements of the elephants and report their location every six hours.

The staff said the measure was necessary in order to help protect both the elephants and people in the local community.

Officers also collected blood samples in order to check the overall health of both elephants.

Mr Pichai explained there had been incidents whereby the elephants had damaged property and caused issues with locals.

The elephants are also known to cross busy roads in search of food.

The elephants can often be spotted on the main road up to Pala-U waterfall.

Last year, Plai Boonchai made headlines around the world when remarkable footage showed it breaking the wall of a house in Hua Hin in search of food.

In February, a motorcyclist was given a freight after a close encounter with what was believed to have been either Plai Boonchuay or Plai Boonmee.