The garbage disposal saga continues to roll on, even as a temporary conclusion is reached by transporting to Nakhon Pathom province. Three years ago Hua Hin Today reported the news that disposal would transfer to Thanarat Camp from the dump at Thap Tai after long administrative disputes between The Internal Security Operations Command and local government, and Hua Hin municipality and the local Thap Tai administration, which resulted in a lawsuit to improve the area. Hua Hin municipality used to dump the garbage at the Thap Tai location for 22 years before things turned sour, and then the municipality received a budget of THB 33 million from the Pollution Control Department to improve and solve the problem and to transfer waste disposal to the Fort Thanarat Army base near Pranburi.

Even then peoplewere talking about involving the private sector to come to a better solution, fertilisers and power production were muted back then, now the plan is strongly in favour of converting waste to energy. The volume of garbage in the Hua Hin area has increased enormously and that makesthe requirement for a processing plant all the more urgent.

Many developed countries as well as Phuket in Thailand, already have garbage processing plants.Last month, at a meeting presided over by Chamaiporn Ampaichit, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan in Prachuap Khiri Khan City Hall, plans were discussed to solve the current garbage disposal crisis byconverting solid waste into energy. Executives and representatives from 37 local government agencies across Prachuap province attended the meeting as a matter of great urgency, Hua Hin Mayor Mr Nopporn Wuttikul was amongst them.

The main item on the agenda of the meeting was to support the implementation of the waste-to-energy conversion project, Khao Noi sub-district municipality has agreed to be the host of the new scheme, signing a memorandum of understanding to handle all waste within the region. Local administrative organisations within the region will cooperate and support Khao Noi in its plans, and the proposal to use other disposal methods until the proposed waste-to-energy solution is ready for operation.

The local government organisations within the group will co-operate by collecting, sorting, and transporting all the solid waste in their area to themain host, as well as surveying the amount of solid waste within the community and helping to disseminate knowledge and understanding. The regions agree to safely transport the waste to the site with a care for the communities in the collection area, the transportation areas, and the disposal area. They also propose waste separation in order to reduce the risks of hazardous waste, infectious waste and industrial waste that may contaminate the waste disposal process. The Khao Noi site will determine the waste management service fee according to the project analysis results, and may reassess service rates as appropriate.

The implementation of this Memorandum of Understanding has a period of not less than 25 years and the cooperation agreement will be reviewed as appropriate with the changing circumstances. The signing of the memorandum of agreement by all 37 local government organisations at this time, is considered to be a huge step forward in the quest to find a long-term solution to the waste problem that is so important to the quality of people’s lives across the province.

The sorting process will enable better recycling and result in less waste to be disposed of during the period leading up to the waste-to energy solution being operational.It is hoped that the executives of the Khao Noi sub-district of Pranburi, can persuade the Royal Thai Army to consider a waiver to use their waste treatment pond within the Thanarat Camp Infantry Centre as a temporary disposal site, until the waste-to-energy conversion project has been completed.

The military stopped access to their landfill site on July 1st causing a huge problem to the local municipalities, temporary solutions in residential areas have resulted in angry responses from homeowners, both Thai and expat. It’s time for our Hua Hin City to make an urgent move to build garbage processing plants. We have many waste disposal problems and the use of landfills causes many problems as we already know. Now the problem of garbage is a big problem in every province. The Prime Minister sees this as a big issue and the person who is directly responsible is the Governor of the province.