“I’ve never seen anything like this”: Fisherman’s dramatic rescue after boat capsizes on Kuiburi River


A local fisherman was recovering on Wednesday after being plucked from the Kuiburi River during a dramatic rescue.

The drama began early on Tuesday when five days of heavy rain in Prachuap Khiri Khan resulted in treacherous conditions on the river.

The adverse weather resulted in raging waters, which caused damage to a number of local fishing boats.

Fifty eight year old local fisherman Mr. Somchai, or Ya Kongsun had to be rescued after his boat capsized while he was trapped in the cab.

Unable to free himself and with water beginning to flood his boat, Mr. Somchai was recused in the nick of time by fellow fishermen who had been trying to prevent damage to their own boats in the hazardous conditions.

“In my 40 year career as a fisherman, I have never seen anything like this”, Mr Somchai said.

Mr Somchai explained how he arrived at the river at 4am as other fishermen were attempting to tie their boats together in a bid to secure them and prevent them being swept away.

While he was on the boat trying to secure it, one of the ropes securing the boat snapped, causing it to tilt. The boat was then hit by a large piece of debris which damaged the hull causing water to flood the vessel.

Mr Somchai, who has a broken arm, which meant he was unable to swim, was rescued after another fisherman managed to throw him a rope which meant he was able to safely return to shore.

“I thought I wouldn’t make it”, Mr Somchai said.

“Another 30 seconds and I would have been dead”.

The boat, which was severely damaged, was later recovered.

Mr Somchai estimated the damage to the boat to be in the region of one million baht, adding that all of his electronic equipment such as GPS navigators, generators, light bulbs and nets would need to be replaced.

Investigators said a total of eight fishing boats were damaged, two of which were described as severely damaged.