Junior footballers gather in Hua Hin for tournament, sponsorship still needed

Image: hhfootball.com

This Saturday, June 8, HH Football Academy, affiliated with the French Federation of Football International Network, will host its inaugural youth football tournament in Hua Hin.

The event aims to provide a competitive platform for junior footballers from across Thailand to showcase their skills and advance their football development.

The tournament will feature 22 teams, bringing together approximately 500 players, coaches, parents, and visitors from Prachuap Khiri Khan, Ratchaburi, and Bangkok.

Adhering to key principles, the tournament will not offer monetary prizes for the best teams, a common practice in youth tournaments across Thailand. This decision underscores the academy’s commitment to disconnecting youth sports from financial incentives.

Runista.com, one of the sponsors, has funded all local teams, ensuring that the tournament remains accessible to children in the region. The best teams and players will receive trophies, recognizing their achievements without financial rewards.

Image: hhfootball.com

Additionally, the event will include a prize draw in which all players and teams will automatically participate. The draw features a variety of prizes, including waterpark tickets, premium football equipment for academies, football jerseys, and hotel stays, aimed at providing both practical items and memorable experiences for the young participants.

Despite these preparations, the event still requires additional sponsorship. Current sponsors, including Wit Consulting, Hua Hin Safari, and Runista.com, will have their logos displayed on the football pitch and in related media.

Local businesses and individuals interested in supporting the event can choose from several sponsorship packages:

  • For 3,000 THB, a company’s logo will be featured alongside official sponsors on the main sign at the football pitch, on the website, and on social media with tournament results and schedules.
  • For 7,000 THB, sponsors can secure a limited spot for their sign on the pitch.
  • Alternatively, contributions of goods and services for the lottery, such as dining vouchers, sports shop coupons, or any items that would delight young players and their families, are also welcome. Sponsors of these donations will be acknowledged during the lottery announcements.

This tournament, despite not being organised for profit, is organized with professionalism to ensure a high-quality experience for all involved.

For those interested in supporting youth sports in Thailand, please contact Mr. Farid for sponsorship packages or donations for the lottery.

Mr. Farid (English & French):
Telephone: +66(0)859 53 90 90
WhatsApp: +66(0)859 53 90 90
Line ID: benonarto
Email: coach@hhfootball.com

Image: hhfootball.com