Latest episode of Hua Hin Talks podcast is out now


The latest episode of the all new Hua Hin Talks podcast is out on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

This episode sees hosts Dina, Jan and Jonathan put the narrative of Hua Hin being regarded as a ‘sleepy’ town well and truly bed.

Having lived in Hua Hin for over a decade, Jonathan shares his opinions on the changing demographics of the town’s expat population and how this has impacted Hua Hin as a destination.

Where the expat community here was once populated almost exclusively by retirees, today there are now many more younger people and families relocating to the area to live.

Dina, Jan and Jonathan also talk about some of their ideas for future episodes and the type of topics they want to discuss.

Looking ahead to the next episode, which is due to be released on Dec 1, Hua Hin Talks chats with Morten Soegaard from local furniture supplier Ferior Interior.

Morten talks about his journey here, which to cut a long story short began when he and his family got stuck in Hua Hin at the start of the pandemic and they basically haven’t left.

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