Lumpy skin disease detected in cattle in Prachuap Khiri Khan

lumpy skin disease
Black nodules are a symptom of lumpy skin disease in cattle.

SAM ROI YOT:- Lumpy skin disease has been found in cattle in Prachuap Khiri Khan, prompting the authorities to take preventative measures to stop the disease from spreading.

Officials from Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Administrative Organization have informed farmers that the disease has been detected in livestock in Sam Roi Yot and is likely to spread to many other districts.

As a result, the District Livestock Office has announced a temporary animal epidemic zone in the area Sam Roi Yot, and has ordered all farmers not to move cattle and buffaloes from now until 11 June 2021.

Anyone found moving cattle will face legal action, officials warned.

If any animals are found infected, farmers must inform the District Livestock Office immediately.

Lumpy skin disease (LSD), is a viral illness that causes prolonged morbidity in cattle and buffaloes. It is spread through mosquitoes, flies and ticks.

There is no specific antiviral treatment available for LSD-infected cattle, with vaccination the only way stop the disease.

The Department of Livestock Development is currently accelerating the import of vaccines to control the spread of the disease in cattle throughout the province.

While the disease can not be transmitted to humans, health officials advise against consuming meat from LSD infected cattle.