Macaque sterilisation program underway in Hua Hin


A sterilisation program, which aims to curb the growing number macaque population in Hua Hin, is currently underway.

Initiated on September 6, the program seeks to sterilise 300 macaques.

The Mayor of Hua Hin delegated the oversight of this initiative to Deputy Mayor Ms. Busaba Choksucharti and Mr. Suttipong Pasurat, the head of the municipality office. The pair recently inspected the site around Wat Busayabunphot, ensuring the smooth continuation of this program, which is now in its sixth year.

Funded by a budget of 580,000 baht, the project is a joint collaboration between the Hua Hin municipality and the Area Conservation Management Office No. 3, Phetchaburi Branch. This fiscal year’s investment underscores the city’s commitment to maintaining a balance between local communities and the wildlife.

The program’s primary goal is to manage and prevent the unchecked expansion of the macaque and langur populations within local communities. Beyond population control, the program also serves as a preventive measure against potential diseases that these animals might transmit to humans.

As of now, over a third of the targeted number, precisely 100 macaques, have been sterilised. Post-procedure, the officials ensure the macaques are safely released back into the wild, allowing them to continue their lives while mitigating concerns of rapid population growth.