Market Trader in Hua Hin Kills Security Guard for Yelling at his Dog

'Phak Bung' - A's loyal companion (Photo by Talknewsonline)

An 18-year-old market trader has stabbed a security guard to death for yelling and swearing at his dog.

After a night of drinking with friends, “A”, returned to his market stall to sleep and was confronted by the security guard, who asked him to identify himself. It was then that the market trader’s loyal companion, ‘Phak Bung’ (A’s dog), emerged and began barking at the guard.

This annoyed the guard, who began swearing at the dog. A’s reaction was to immediately grab a knife from his stall and stabbed the guard in the neck and lower body until he fell to the ground.

The market trader then went to bed but was arrested shortly after.

‘A’ (suspect wearing helmet) after re-enactment of his crime was brought into police’ custody (Photo by Talknewsonline)

The following day, other traders and members of the public looked on as police brought him back to the market in Khao Noi, Hua Hin, for a re-enactment of his crime.

The market trader admits the murder of security guard Kittisak “Luang” Phongsai, 39 years old. He remains in police custody, awaiting trial.

By: May Taylor                                                                                              Source: ThaiVisa and Talknewsonline