Meeting held to discuss new water pipeline to boost Hua Hin’s water supply


Following a summer of disruptions to the water supply in Hua Hin, a meeting was held to address the installation of a new raw water pipeline aimed at improving the future water supply for the area.

The meeting, held in the conference room of the Agricultural Irrigation Learning Center, was led by Phairoj Techacharoensukjira, Deputy Director of the 14th Irrigation Office. The Mayor of Hua Hin assigned Deputy Mayor Atichat Chaisri, along with Amorn Phatthong, a member of the Hua Hin Municipal Council, and Noppadon Meeprawat, Head of Services and Maintenance, to attend the session. Also present were Jaroon Jangsamsi, Head of Production at the Waterworks Division, Ekpol Chimphong, Advisor to the 14th Irrigation Office, Naruedon Wiwekwann, Supervising Engineer of the Hua Hin Railway Maintenance Division, and other relevant officials and agencies.

The primary focus of the meeting was the Phetchaburi-Hua Hin (Extension) Water Pipeline System Project. This project involves laying a raw water pipeline on land owned by the State Railway of Thailand within the Hua Hin Municipal area. The proposed pipeline will stretch from the Borfai intersection to Sradamnoen Kasem in Hua Hin, covering a distance of seven kilometers. The pipeline, with a diameter of 800 millimeters, is designed to increase the production of tap water to adequately meet the needs of Hua Hin residents and tourists.

The discussion centered on obtaining permission for the placement of the pipeline on the specified railway land, a crucial step in ensuring the project’s progress. The officials emphasized the importance of this infrastructure upgrade to prevent future water supply disruptions and support the growing demand in the region.

The implementation of this project is expected to significantly enhance the water supply system in Hua Hin, providing a more reliable and sufficient water source for both locals and visitors.