Merciless shooting at Kuiburi food garden


25 Dec, KUIBURI – Pol Lt Col Sunantharodphet, investigating officer of the Kuiburi police station received a report at around 12:40am on 25 Dec of a shooting incident at Baan Yen Food Garden in Kuiburi subdistrict.

After arriving at the scene, police found pools of blood as well as several rounds of 9mm gun shells scattered all over the floor.

It was later known that two victims who were earlier rushed to Kuiburi hospital after the shooting were pronounced dead-on-arrival. One of the deceased, Mr Phuchong Saengsai was shot with 10 bullets in the torso and in the head whilst Mr Thanasit Yue Kuan was also shot at point-blank with 6 bullets. The gunman was later identified only as ‘Chalerm’.

Witnesses at the food garden told police that Puchong and Thanasit were drinking together with Chalerm when moments later they were joined with a couple more friends. As the evening gets late, the group started to have a loud argument.

Chalerm went out of the food garden only to return with a 9mm gun. He approached the table where they were sitting earlier and started shooting at Puchong and Thanasit mercilessly. After emptying his gun Chalerm took off and fled the scene.

An investigation is now being conducted by the Kuiburi task force and an arrest warrant of Chalerm has been requested from the Provincial Court.

Reported by Phanpong Phochinda