More amazing drone footage showing the construction of Hua Hin’s dual track rail line

Image: Mike's Tropical Tech

Local drone enthusiast Michael Brown has shared another excellent video showing the construction of Hua Hin’s dual track rail line.

The video shows the progress being made along the entire length of the line from the north of the town near Hua Hin Airport to Khao Takiab in the south.

“I’ve flown the entire length of the line from the very north end of Hua Hin at the airport, all the way to the very south leading out of town towards Khao Tao”, Michael wrote in the video’s description.

Michael said the video took three days to film, requiring a total of 8 flights and three batteries!

“The dual-track system will alleviate the problem of a northbound and southbound train fighting for the same track”, Michael explained.

“I’ve been on a train that had to stop and reverse to the previous station to allow another train to go past. That really messes up the schedule”.

Last month Michael, who runs the Mike’s Tropical Tech YouTube channel shared another superb video showing constriction of the rail line around Soi 56.

That video, like his most recent one, provides a fascinating insight into what is arguably the most significant (and largest) transportation project to be constructed in Hua Hin since the original rail line was built.

Earlier this month, Hua Hin Today reported that construction of the dual track rail line is approximately 85 precent complete and should be operational by January 2023.

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