Mozza Mia: An authentic taste of Italy in Hua Hin

Italian Lamb Slow Cooked Pappardelle at Mozza Mia, Soi 126

Forget rice. The king of carbs is pasta: the lynchpin of Italian food.

Yet while Italian food is easy enough to find in Hua Hin, finding good Italian food can sometimes take a little work.

That’s if you don’t know where to look.

Tucked away in Soi 126 is the intimate, yet casual eatery Mozza Mia, which packs a real punch with its selection of delicious Italian dishes.

Mozza Mia’s menu includes all the staples of Italian cuisine you’re accustomed to, as well as a variety of special dishes that help to make the restaurant stand out amongst Hua Hin’s other offerings.

Prices at Mozza Mia are reasonable too, with pastas and pizzas starting from 200 baht.

Perhaps more importantly, we found the prices to be in proportion to the portion sizes, which is not something that can always be levelled at other restaurants both locally and further afield.

bruschetta with pesto

We started with the bruschetta with pesto, which didn’t fail to impress. Bruschetta is such a simple dish which many places often get wrong: it’s often either over flavoured or tasteless.

But that wasn’t the case here. This popular appetizer was flavorful and beautifully presented, which was a running theme throughout all of the dishes.

Next up was the seafood linguine, which came with a generous amount of prawns, squid, clams and cherry tomatoes and tossed in a beautifully flavoured sauce.

For as good as the bruschetta and the seafood linguine was, the next three dishes we tried were a real highlight.

The pappardelle with slow cooked Italian lamb was an absolute delight, flavoured to perfection and the lamb was so tender, it just melted in the mouth and was absolutely exquisite.


It was a similar story with the truffle spaghetti.

Sometimes, truffles can be overpowering but this dish wasn’t, despite there being a generous helping of sauce, it was all flavoured just nicely.

Lamb chops

The other star of the show were the lamb chops, which were tender and delicious and served with a side of vegetables and mashed potatoes.

The final dish of the main courses we tried was the ham and rocket pizza, the base of which was well done, yet light and offered a nice crisp bite.

The tomato sauce was rich and delightfully tangy and there was also a generous helping of cheese and ham, while the wild rocket is grown from the Mozza Mia’s organic garden located adjacent to the restaurant.

Believe it or not, we still had a little room for dessert, which was a wonderfully creamy tiramisu, which wasn’t overly flavoured with coffee or alcohol – an intentional move in account of the number of families with young children who eat at the restaurant.

If you are in Hua Hin and want to try somewhere new for your next Italian meal check out Mozza Mia on Soi 126.

Open daily from 10.30AM – 9.00PM (Closed every Tuesday)
For more info contact:
☎️ 032-802-146 | ‎092-724-3232
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📱 FB : MozzaMiaHuaHin


Seafood Linguine
Ham and Rocket Pizza
Truffle Spaghetti