Municipality discusses plans for people in Hua Hin to separate their trash

File photo.

People in Hua Hin may soon need to sort their trash into separate bags according to new proposals being discussed by municipal officials.

The proposals regarding trash collection have been submitted as part of a move to establish guidelines for the growth and development of Hua Hin as a city.

Plans put forward by Mr. Theeraphan Jadpol, Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment in Hua Hin would see people in Hua Hin required to separate trash into “dry” (garbage), “wet” (waste), toxic waste, plastic and bottles.

The requirement to separate trash would apply to all households and businesses.

Mr. Theeraphan said that separating waste would boost recycling efforts, help the environment and reduce waste disposal costs for the municipality.

He said that when a large amount of trash is sent to landfill sites in the region, plastic and other non-recyclable waste is unable to decompose, which in turn causes environmental problems for local residents.

Mr. Theeraphan added that a failure to properly recycle trash has a knock on effect for the region’s canals, waterways and seas.

He said that plastic finds its way into the ecosystem of marine life such as shrimp, shellfish, crab and fish, which are then caught by local fishermen.

Mr. Theeraphan advised that Hua Hin must introduce a policy for waste to be separated in the near future.

Meanwhile, people in Hua Hin are also being urged to properly dispose of COVID-19 related waste such as used ATK tests and facemasks.

Employees from private waste collection companies which operate in the area say they have seen a spike in plastic and infectious waste being disposed of.

In a bid to boost safety, the companies are now asking for people to safely dispose of used ATK tests or face masks in bags, which are separate from general waste. If possible, the bags should be labeled ’face mask waste’ or ’infectious waste’.

Discussions remain ongoing as to if or when the proposal to separate trash will come into effect.