New railroad crossing bridge officially opened in Pak Nam Pran


You may well have used this bridge already but the Department of Rural Roads (DRR) have confirmed the official opening of a new bridge in Pak Nam Pran.

The bridge, located over the railway line at the intersection Phor Khor 1019 at Ban Pak Nam Pranburi, has been built to accommodate the new dual track rail line which is currently being constructed throughout the province.

The DRR said the new bridge improves the road layout and should help reduce accidents along that particular stretch of road.

Images: Manager Online

The bridge, which motorists will use if they travel south from Hua Hin to Pak Nam Pran, is 280 meters long and 10 meters wide.

It then connects to a 870 meters long stretch of road which continues to Pak Nam Pran. There is also a u-turn at the end of the bridge to provide more convenience for road users.

For pedestrians, the bridge includes an overpass across the railway, which significantly, the DRR says, is wheel chair friendly.

The total cost of the project is over 113 million baht, the DRR confirmed.

The DRR said it is responsible for 153 railway intersection crossing points across the country. While the construction and maintenance of the double track track railway project is the responsibility of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), construction of overpasses fall under the jurisdiction of the DRR.

The DRR said it has constructed new bridges or overpasses at 33 intersections over the railway line, and plans to complete construction on nine more by the end of the year.