Not to be missed: Phetchaburi to host Diamond of the Salt Festival 2022, Sept 16-18


The Diamond of the Salt Festival 2022 will take place in Phetchaburi between September 16-18, it has been announced.

According to Mr Thammanoon Sriwatthana, the provincial deputy governor, the festival will be held in Ban Laem district and is described as a “must see” event.

Mr Sriwatthana said that Phetchaburi province is ready to write a new chapter in history by transforming uncut salt into diamonds, with people from all over the country expected to travel to the event.

Mr Sriwatthana said that Phetchaburi is renowned when it comes to salt production and that the salt from the province is unrivalled.

The festival will help to develop the salt field in Ban Laem into a tourist attraction by incorporating food and specially designed menus featuring locally produced salt.

Meanwhile, Mr. Boonperm Inthanapasat, president of the Thai International Exhibitions and Festivals Trade Association, or TIEFA, stated that the festival would be a pilot event that would include salt sculpture performances, music festivals, orchestras, cycling activities, and sightseeing along the coast.

The final day of the Diamond of the Salt Festival 2022 will include the Tour de Salt cycling event, which starts at Cha Am viewpoint and finishes at the salt fields in Ban Laem.