Officials aim for no more than 39 accidents, 41 injuries, and 3 deaths in Prachuap during Songkran


Officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan have launched a new road safety campaign in preparation for the upcoming Songkran festival.

The festival is known for its water fights and large gatherings, but is known as a time for accidents and fatalities on Thailand’s roads.

The new campaign, which runs from April 11th to 17th, 2023, is under the slogan “New Way of Life, Safe Driving, No Accidents.”

The aim is to reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths during the festival to less than the average of the past three years. The target is no more than 39 accidents, 41 injuries, and 3 deaths, which represents no more than 5% of the average.

To achieve this goal, the Provincial Police will set up checkpoints at 16 major intersections in 8 districts.

Officials said they will strictly enforce traffic laws to reduce risky behaviors that may lead to accidents.

The highways of Prachuap Khiri Khan will also close U-turn points at intersections and crossings on the Phetchakasem road in a bid to improve safety.

Mr. Detcha Ruang-on, the head of the Provincial Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Prachuap Khiri Khan, said that during Songkran the campaign will also aim to reduce risky behaviors, especially drunk driving, not wearing helmets while riding motorcycles, speeding, not wearing seat belts while driving, and dangerous driving at crossroads by integrating the efforts of all relevant agencies throughout the festival.

During Songkran last year (between April 11-17, 2022) Prachuap Khiri Khan reported a total of 27 accidents, 27 injuries, and 3 deaths throughout the province.

The number of accidents, injuries and deaths was much lower than the targets outlined by provincial officials before the start of Songkran.

Previously officials had set targets of no more than 47 accidents, 48 injuries and 4 deaths on the province’s roads during the week long Songkran festival, dubbed ‘seven dangerous days’ by Thai media.

Speeding drivers were the cause of almost half of all road traffic accidents throughout Prachuap Khiri Khan during the Songkran festival.