Officials to set new rules for Hua Hin beach jet ski and water sport operators

A jet ski on Hua Hin beach. File photo

Officials are to draft a raft of new rules that jet ski operators on Hua Hin beach will be required to abide by when renting out jet skis to tourists.

Hua Hin Municipality held a meeting with jet ski operators and those providing water sport activities on the beach following reports of conflicts amongst business operators.

Municipal officials said they had become aware that the existing rules, which were last drafted in 2019, were not be being adhered to.

Hua Hin Deputy Mayor Ms. Busaba Choksuchat along with officials from the Regional Harbor Office, Pranburi Water Police and Hua Hin Tourist Police held a meeting with 14 jet ski, scooter and kite-board operators from the beaches of Hua Hin, Hua Don and Khao Tao. 

Operators were informed they will be categorised into three groups, with each group being required to appoint a chairperson to oversee the activities of the groups and liaise with officials.

The groups will operate in three areas with Hua Hin Beach Operators allowed to operate between Saphan Pla and Had Takiab, Hua Don Beach Entrepreneur Group from the ferry pier in Khao Takiab to Suan Son beach and Khao Tao Beach operators from Khao Tao Suan Son.

Operators will not be allowed to ride their jet skis outside their designated area, however, there are no restrictions on where tourists ride.

Operators will also not be allowed to increase the number of jet skis they offer for rent from the current limit.

Currently, Hua Hin Beach has 10 jet ski mooring points with a total capacity of 34 boats, Hua Don Beach has 4 jet ski moorings points for up to 12 boats, and Khao Tao Beach has 1 jet ski mooring point with a total capacity of 3 boats.

All jet skis must be properly registered in accordance with regulations set by the Marine Department.

Kite-board and kitesurfing operators were also told they must operate in a safe manner which does not interfere or endanger members of the public or other operators.

Officials said both operators and private tourists who use their own kite-boards must be made aware of where they can and can not surf.

Areas of the sea, such as the Royal Court near Suan Son Beach must remain off limits, officials said. Where exactly kite-boarders are not permitted to surf will be determined by the provincial governor during an upcoming meeting.

Mr Abhisit Khamphiro, Director of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Harbour Office said that in the past, some jet ski operators had been in violation of the rules, particularly regarding safety.

Jet ski rental prices capped

He said that some operators had been allowing the jet skis to come too close to the shore, potentially endangering swimmers.

However, he said that the authorities are aware of the situation and are taking measures to tighten the rules.

Officials will take records of all jet ski operators who will be required to provide basic safety training to anyone who hires a jet ski.

The prices for renting a jet ski have also been capped.

While tourists are allowed to negotiate the price to hire a jet ski, operators are not allowed to charge more than 1,500 baht per half hour.

Jet skis are also only allowed to operate between 08.00-18.00 or until sunset.

The new rules are set for formal approval at an upcoming municipal meeting.