Officials warn of 100,000 THB fine for smoking on Hua Hin beach


Officials have brought their new campaign to discourage smoking to Hua Hin beach, in an effort to keep the area clean and protect public health.

On Thursday (Mar 23), officials visited the beach holding signs warning that anyone found smoking on the beach faces a hefty fine of up to 100,000 THB and/or 1 year in jail.

The “Smoke-free Beach” campaign is being led by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Region 3 (DMCR3) and aims to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking on the beach, both in terms of health and environmental impact.

To support the campaign, officials are urging smokers to use designated smoking areas, which have been set up at various locations along the beaches in the area.

When visiting the beach, officials spoke with tourists and other beachgoers about the rules regarding smoking.

As well as talking about smoking on the beach, officials provided information about the dangers of jellyfish in the sea.

Officials said that during the months of January to March, the sea is filled with jellyfish due to the strong waves and currents, making it important for tourists to be cautious while swimming.

Part of the campaign also saw basic first-aid instructions for anyone who may be injured by jellyfish stings, given to business operators, hotel staff, tourists, and the general public.

The news comes after officials held the same campaign on Khao Takiab beach earlier in March.