Officials worried tourists could infect Hua Hin macaques with monkeypox


Mr. Wanchai Singto, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Department Conservation Area Administrative Office 3 Phetchaburi Branch was speaking during part of the mass sterilization campaign of up to 600 macaques which live in Khao Takiab and Hin Lek Fai.

Mr. Wanchai said his department is not overly concerned about the threat of monkeypox. He said the main concern is that local macaques may become infected with the disease from tourists visiting Hua Hin.

Mr. Wanchai said that the sterilization campaign began on June 1 and so far around 200 macaques have been sterilized. The macaques were also screened for monkeypox, all of which had tested negative.

The sterilization campaign will continue until 600 macaques have been neutered, Mr Wanchai said.

The total cost to sterilize the animals will be 1,162,460 baht.

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“I’d also like to warn tourists that if they come to visit an area with a lot of monkeys, then please don’t provoke the animals as it could cause them to become aggressive or result in tourists being bitten” Mr. Wanchai said.

Mr. Wanchai added that the growth of the macaque population in and around Hua Hin has slowed in recent years due to the success of the ongoing sterilization campaigns carried out by conservation officials and Hua Hin Municipality.