Patrick Jacobs unveils 2024 calendar and announces new photographic book on Hua Hin


Patrick Jacobs, renowned for capturing stunning images of Hua Hin and the surrounding area, has recently released his 2024 calendar.

Each year Patrick produces a calendar of his photographs of Hua Hin, some of the proceeds of which are donated to different charities.

“The calendar is about feeling,” Patrick explained. “For instance, there’s a photo that would remind someone of winter in Europe and another celebrating the festive mood at year’s end with fireworks. Most images are from Hua Hin, with a few from Bangkok.”

Selecting photographs for the calendar is a heart-led process for Patrick. “I always choose my favorites,” he shared.

Patrick begins with a compilation of around 30 to 40 potential images, stored throughout the year in a special folder on his computer. From there, he undergoes a process of elimination, assigning images to specific months.

Image: Patrick Jacobs

Apart from being a visual treat, Patrick’s calendar will again carry a charitable aspect. A portion of the proceeds, amounting to 25,000 THB, will benefit the Hua Hin Heroes foundation.

Patrick said he’s motivated by the foundation’s endeavors and sees his art as a means to contribute. “I live a good life and believe that if you can support a good cause with just taking pictures, why not?”

In addition to his 2024 calendar, Patrick is set to release a new photographic book in November titled Hua Hin: A Coastal Canvas in Pictures. The book, priced at 1,700 THB, is expected to generate 50,000 THB for charity. It consists of over 200 images, segregated into 15 chapters, each highlighting unique facets of Hua Hin.

“People often approached me for a book on Hua Hin after my previous one on local fishermen. I didn’t want it to be a tourist book,” he emphasized. “For me, it’s about having pleasure in capturing moments. When people see an image, I hope they recall a memory or get curious about visiting the location.”

Patrick’s commitment to sharing images of Hua Hin extends beyond print.

In the coming months he will also hold two upcoming exhibitions at The Standard, Hua Hin. Scheduled for 10-12 November and 15-17 December, the exhibits target both the local expats and incoming tourists. Unlike his last exhibition, which featured photos on aluminum, Patrick plans to use canvas this time, allowing for more flexibility in size.

Patrick, who shares many of his photographs on the Foto’s by Patrick Patrick Facebook page, which now has more than 6,000 followers, spoke of his fondness for Hua Hin.

“I’ve been here for 15 years, and it feels good every time I return. The diverse cultures, nationalities, and incredible food make it special.”

Image: Patrick Jacobs

He said he visits the beach almost every day to take photographs with either his camera or smartphone.

As for the future, Patrick dreams of another book, this time documenting the lives of fishermen across Thailand. “I’ve visited boat yards and captured unique fishing practices,” he said. “I envision a book that showcases fishermen on the Mekong, drying fish on the river banks, and other local nuances. But, it will take time.”

The 2024 calendar is available now and is priced at 450 THB.

Anyone interested in buying a copy of Patrick’s new calendar or book can contact him directly via email: or via his Facebook page: Foto’s By Patrick Jacobs.

Image: Patrick Jacobs