People who got vaccinated in Bangkok can now get 2nd jab in Hua Hin

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Some good news for people who received a 1st vaccine dose in Bangkok, but now wish to receive their 2nd jab in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Hospital has announced a new process to accommodate people who received their first vaccine dose in another province.

Many people in Hua Hin travelled to Bangkok to receive their 1st vaccine dose at vaccination centres such as MedPark and Bang Sue Grand Station.

However, rather than having to return to Bangkok in order to receive a 2nd vaccine jab, it has been announced that people can instead have their 2nd vaccine dose at Hin Hin Hospital.

To register for a 2nd vaccine dose in Hua Hin, people need to:

– Scan the QR code below
– Fill in the information and attach the required documents
-Photo of your passport with written signature
-Photo of the appointment paper for 2nd dose vaccination
-Please fill in the form at least 1 week before your 2nd dose appointment