Prachuap adds measures to tackle soaring pork prices

Thailand Street food roasted pork

Officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan have put a price cap on pork amid soaring prices in recent weeks.

The commerce department has capped the price to 150 baht per kilogram at six locations throughout the province.

Ms. Passarann Chamnankit, from the provincial commerce department said the situation has been monitored and measures have been put in place to avoid the rising prices impacting on people’s daily living costs.

Ms. Passarann also said measures have been taken to prevent vendors from profiteering and exploiting customers.

While the price of pork has risen, the province is yet to see the price of chicken, eggs and vegetable oil rise as has been the case elsewhere in Thailand.

To combat the rise in the price of pork, the commerce office has collaborated with entrepreneurs to cap the price of pork to 150 baht per kg, at 6 locations, with a limit of 60 kg per location per day.

The locations selling the price-capped pork are:

Mueang District, 4 places at
– Jay Yin shop
– Warachai pork shop
– Jae Jee Pork Shop
– Nopparat Farm
Bang Saphan District 1 place
– Moo Sai Jai
Hua Hin District 1 place
– Hua Hin Moo Sod-Kai Sod Branch 1, Phutthachaiyo Intersection

The situation will be re-evaluated at the end of the month, Ms. Passarann said.

Meanwhile, if consumers notice unfair price hikes, they can report vendors to the provincial commerce office by calling hotline 1569.

What is causing the rise in the price of pork?

Recent weeks has seen the price of pork rise to as much as 250 baht per kilogram.

Officials from the Internal Trade Department (ITD) said this week the rise was due a lack of supply and increased demand.

ITD director general Wattanasak Sur-iam said that many small to medium size pig raisers had closed down their farms due to the soaring costs of animal feed. Because of this the supply of pork has fallen by about 30%.

In response, officials have banned exports and introduced price freezes in a bid to bring prices under control.

The price of chicken has also been frozen for six months, it was announced on Wednesday (Jan 13).

Some restaurant operators and street food vendors told Thai media this week the spike in prices had forced them to take pork off the menu.