Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital unveils new MRI Diagnostic Center, enhancing patient care in the region


Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital celebrated the inauguration of its state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnostic center on Saturday (Sept 8).

Overseeing the opening ceremony was Dr. Araksa Wongvorachat, the hospital’s director, while distinguished guests included Mrs. Sorasiri Chantra, chief judge of the primary level at Prachuap Provincial Court; Mr. Sarawut Limarunrak, governor of Prachuap Province Administration Organization; Dr. Jittratat Tetchuthiporn, director of Hua Hin Hospital; Mr. Kamon Kaewthet, mayor of Prachuap city; and Mr. Poolsin Thongdaet, chairman of the Udon Medical Group.

The MRI diagnostic method stands out for its precision in detecting internal body abnormalities, producing high-resolution images using a magnetic field and radiofrequency waves. Notably, the procedure does not expose patients to radiation, making it a preferred option for various diagnostic requirements, including brain and bone imaging.

Previously, the hospital’s absence of MRI services meant patients in need of the examination had to travel to distant facilities such as Hua Hin Hospital, Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital, or Prachachuen Ratchaburi Center. The travel presented numerous challenges, from extended waiting periods to added expenses.

The opening of the new MRI center at Prachuap Hospital is aimed at advancing the hospital’s care standards, further assisting specialists from various departments. With the new MRI center in place, patients from the main district and nearby community hospitals can anticipate quicker and more efficient services, while eliminating the need to travel to other facilities in order to use an MRI.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, a grade S general hospital with a capacity of 278 beds, sees an average of 1,312 outpatients daily, alongside 251 inpatients. The facility boasts specialists in a myriad of medical fields, ensuring comprehensive care for its patients.

For inquiries and more information about the new MRI services, residents are encouraged to contact Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital directly.