Prachuap Khiri Khan leads central Thailand in tourism revenue for 2023

Tourists at Ao Manao beach during New Year. File photo

Prachuap Khiri Khan Province has emerged as the top revenue earner from tourism in Thailand’s central region for the year 2023.

Deputy Governor Komkrit Charoenpatanasombat announced on Friday (Feb 9) that the province attracted 11,143,079 visitors throughout the year, marking a significant 14.31% increase over the previous year.

This surge in tourism brought in a total revenue of 44,241 million baht, a substantial 34.72% jump from 2022.

The breakdown of these figures reveals that the majority of the tourists, numbering 10,656,168, were domestic travelers, contributing 38,890.14 million baht to the total tourism revenue.

International visitors accounted for 486,911 of the total tourist count, contributing 5,350.61 million baht. These results from tourism not only underscores the province’s appeal to both Thai and foreign tourists but also its significant role in driving the central region’s tourism economy.

Following closely behind Prachuap Khiri Khan in tourism revenue generation within the central region is Phetchaburi Province. This achievement highlights the competitive edge and growing popularity of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phetchaburi and the Royal Coast, among tourists seeking diverse experiences in Thailand.

Officials said the province’s success can be attributed to the concerted efforts of government bodies, the private sector, and tourism organizations, which have collaboratively spearheaded various tourism-promoting initiatives throughout the year.

One such initiative is the introduction of “Nong Endoo,” the spectacled langur mascot, representing the province’s eight districts as a tourism ambassador. Furthermore, the HIDDEN WOW campaign aims to draw visitors to lesser-known destinations within the province, enhancing its tourism portfolio.

These ongoing activities and campaigns have not only boosted the province’s visibility but have also improved the tourist experience by showcasing the unique cultural and natural assets of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

With plans for monthly tourism-promotion activities in 2024, officials are optimistic about continuing this upward trend in both tourist numbers and revenue.