Prachuap Khiri Khan ramps up restrictions on migrant workers, camps


Prachuap Khiri Khan has tightened restrictions on migrant workers, construction sites and factories in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With immediate effect, more stringent measures will be imposed and the movement of workers will be prohibited to prevent transmission throughout migrant workers in the province.

Mr. Prompiriya Kitnuson, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, told Hua Hin Today that movement of new migrant workers into the province is banned until August 31.

Employers of migrant workers are also required to randomly test for COVID among workers using Antigen Test Kit (ATK) every 14 days throughout their working period.

The Antigen Test Kits must be paid for out of the employer’s own pocket, Mr Prompiriya said.

The employer must then report the results of the test to the District Public Health Office in order to help disease control officials monitor cases in the province and identify potential clusters.

Camps with infected workers must then implement the “bubble and seal” measure where workers are not allowed to leave their dormitories and construction sites.

In the event that positive cases are discovered, employers, particularly at constriction sites and factories, are required to set up an on-site quarantine facility that ensures high risk and infected workers are clearly separated from non-infected workers.

Employers must then co-ordinate with the District Disease Control Operations Center to seek approval for any on-site quarantine facilities.